18mm-14mm - Fire Cut Diffused Downstem

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The downstem of glass masters. Fire cut glass is precisely crafted using a hydrogen torch in a complicated process. Fire cut downstems boast reliable diffusion with build-up resistance we can all appreciate

An elite upgrade from the standard downstems many glass pipes include, the Fire Cut downstem takes ripping to the next level. Streamline glass construction elegantly descends into a straight tube or beaker. Hole instead of slit construction pierces the waterbed for full force filtration. Crisp clear glass doesn’t clash, but enhances the scientific vibe in any water pipe. Ground glass secures the glass-on-glass seal with a little touch of friction.

Glass Downstem 18mm-14mm - Fire Cut Diffused 2.5 inch - 6.5 inch available.

Fits with 18mm Water Pipe Joint, and 14mm Male Bowl Piece