Ooze Domed Dual Ceramic Replacement Coils (5-Pack)

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The Ooze Domed Dual Ceramic Coils are wickless coils that provide excellent low temp hits with superior taste compared to other coils available. Two ceramic rods lay horizontal with metal wrapping around them heating the rods evenly throughout. Ceramic has a higher heat retention than quartz so it stays hotter longer. The Dual Ceramic Coils are leak proof coil replacements for any Ooze vaporizer but will also work with any standard 510 threaded vaporizer pens. Each pack contains 5 Domed Dual Ceramic Coils.

Dual Ceramic Coils
Purest Taste
Great for Low Temp Dabs
Leak Proof
Compatible with any 510 Threaded Vaporizer
Wickless Coil
Made in the USA