Quartz Riptide Banger with Quartz Pearl and Carb Cap

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Quartz Banger
Spinner Turbine Carb Cap
Double Quartz Terp Pearls
Increased airflow
Heavy Duty Quartz Construction
Reduces Oil from Escaping
Joint Sizes: 14mm & 18mm
Joint Gender: Male and Female
Quartz Riptide Banger with Quartz Pearl and Carb Cap
One of the latest technological advancements in the dabbing world, The Quartz Riptide Banger with the quartz pearl balls and the carb cap gives a new meaning to efficiency. With every hit, you will see the quartz pearls spinning around. This created a bigger airflow.

The quartz pearl balls jump up and start spinning around together. The force creates an extra air flow when you inhale. This helps you automatically increase and change the airflow as you would with a carb cap.

The quartz riptide bangers pearls give you the "up your oil" feature. This makes oil go up from the bottom through slits in the lower tray.

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