Removable Quartz CAD Core Reactor Pill Capsule Insert for Bangers

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This capsule is smaller than your average medication capsule.
The cadmium glass core will change colors when it has been heated so you will know that your nail is the perfect dabbing temperature. You can convert any bucket banger style domeless nail into a thermochromic style nail with this insert.

To use make sure the insert and the nail are both cool to the touch, place the insert inside the banger and torch it with your micro torch. Once you have your nail at your desired temp take note of the color of the insert core. This will be your point of reference in the future and you can get your nail to this temp in the future by referencing this color temp again without any guessing.

Get the perfect dab temp every time after that.

The capsule also doubles as a core reactor so it will give/hold a little bit extra heat inside the core, extending your optimal dabbing temp for longer.